• Clinical Trial Site Network in EUVAP expanding to more European countries.
  • Clinical Trial Site network adult
  • Clinical Trial Site network children
  • Laboratory Network
  • Living mapping of ongoing COVID vaccine trials
  • Three phase 2 study ideas to further characterise efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccines in clinical vaccine trials in VACCELERATE:
    Synopsis 1 “Impact of heterologous prime-boost strategies on immunological responses against common strain and variants”
    Synopsis 2 “Studying direct and indirect SARS-CoV-2 vaccination effects in children/ mucosal and systemic immune responses following vaccination in children”
    Synopsis 3 “Impact of dose spacing on long-term immune response”
  • Surrogate immunological assays to determine neutralising capacity
  • Phase 3 master protocol
  • Volunteer Registry now open to children (0-17 years) in Germany
  • Volunteer Registry soon available for Cyprus, Greece, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Turkey, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovakia, Switzerland, Italy, Israel
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